Thanks to Emily G for the awesome Yelp review

Thanks to Emily G for the awesome Yelp review
June 26, 2015 Matt Weber at Dogwood Pizza

Thanks to Emily G for the awesome Yelp review

We just want to say thanks to Emily for this awesome review!

This is my favorite place from which to order pizza in town, hands down! They do not provide any form of sit-down, but if you’re looking to take home a super-tasty pizza on any night of the week, order from Buck’s Dogwood Pizza!

The pizza can be described by many as greasy, but before you take that into a completely negative light, I encourage you simply to try it. The grease on Buck’s Dogwood Pizza, unlike other greasy pizzas I have had in the past, contributes largely to the taste without dripping of excess. It is essentially a perfect amount of juiciness.

A list of positive aspects include:
1. friendly, polite staff (never had any complications)
2. pizza is well-prepared with plenty of cheese and a perfect amount of sauce, not too little and definitely not too much
3. They offer soft drinks inside.
4. Staff is always polite over the phone
5. Never once have I experienced an incorrect order; they’re really trustworthy!
6. They deliver to River Oak Swim & Racquet Club! I have ordered many a pizza and had it delivered to me while I am at the pool over the summer
7. I am not sure if this is a particularly current policy (if they have changed it at all), but they have always offered great coupons and deals.

Overall, fantastic local pizza, reasonable price, great for a movie night-in!

Thanks Emily, and just FYI, the grease is from milk fat from our high quality Grande cheese. Which yes, contributes to the great taste you described. We’d love to feature your review here if you want to share your experience on Yelp!